Friday, November 21, 2014

Take Your School Lunch Stories to Your School Officials; Keep the First Lady Out of It

Today #ThanksMichelleObama is trending because supposedly all these school students are upset regarding the school lunch changes put in place by the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act.

I've read that kids were starving; that there wasn't enough food (in this case three chicken nuggets with a ketchup packet).  I've seen the mystery meal that was supposed to be Spanish rice, and I've seen something that looks like chicken and dumplings (or turkey with gravy).

If you think I'm about to go in on First Lady Michelle Obama - get that out of your head right now.  Each school has cooks and nutritionists who are in charge of getting your child's lunch on the table.  It's not the First Lady's fault that one or both or these doesn't know how to prepare the food correctly.  The cafeteria could also be making food a certain way so everyone who wants that food can have it.

What I am saying is that if you have a problem with your child's school lunch - take it to the school officials.  Perhaps there needs to be some training put in place for the cafeteria staff regarding how to cook certain dishes (if you've watched "Kitchen Nightmares", Gordon Ramsey would either train restaurant staff how to cook his dishes or have a chef train).  Seriously, do you as a parent know how to cook every dish on the planet?

First Lady Obama is easy to blame, but that's about it.  Having nutritional lunches is a plus for everyone, and sure there appears to be some issues that need to be worked out, but it appears they are fixable.

Talk to your school officials regarding your child's school lunch instead of incorrectly blaming an easy target.

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