Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kim Kardashian's Butt Did NOT Break the Internet

Ok, I think you know by now that Kim Kardashian's ample buttocks did not break the internet.  Nothing has crashed, there isn't a mass outage - everything is business as usual.  My question - Who thought that her backside would shut down the internet?  Her agent? Her family? Kanye?

Maybe the internet crash won't happen until this weekend when everyone has time to be online.  I hope not because I need access to Hulu.

I give you credit Ms. Kardashian - you probably have thousands and thousands of people smiling like cheshire cats while staring at your shiny behind.  Great way to stay relevant.

BTW - You will not find that lovely image here.  You will have to find it yourself.

Photo Credit: Geralt/Pixabay

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