Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Deflating 2014 Mid-Term Election - Trust We Will Be Seeing Red In Another Way Soon

The 2014 midterm elections were deflating.  I can understand feeling as if the government isn't working fast enough to remedy unemployment, racism, poverty, and the like.  I understand feeling as if the government isn't listening to you.

However, I don't understand voting against your best interests.  One party has told us over and over in no uncertain terms that it is the party of the rich.  It doesn't care for women's reproductive rights, it doesn't care about education, it doesn't care for the black and browns of the country, and it doesn't care for poor people.  Yet, because of the hope of one day becoming one of the rich, or the impatience with the present government, maybe both, some people voted for the worst of the worst.

What becomes of the poor now?  Will they become middle class, or better yet, rich with the Republicans in office?  Will jobs suddenly be more plentiful?

What happens to the Blacks and Browns of these country?  Will racism on all levels automatically stop?

What about women?  Will the attacks on women's reproductive rights stop?  What about sexism?

Not only those things, what about people who have mental illnesses?  The elderly?

The nation went red, but I believe that very soon a lot of us will be seeing red in a different way.

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