Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Artists and the Songs Reveal Themselves!

For years I've been trying to find the name and artist of two songs (three songs actually, more on that later). The first is a funky dance song from the late 80s, that seems to have some New Jack Swing era elements. There are two voices, one male and one female.  The hook sounds like 'Your Love's Like a Hurricane'.  I heard it only one time on the radio back in the 90s.

After recording the song from cassette with my phone and sharing it on Facebook, I got some help from one of my friends on trying to find the name and artist. Perhaps the song came from the earlier half of the 80s, or maybe the female voice was possibly one of the top R&B female artists at the time; same with the male voice. Finally, I checked Discogs, and typed in 'Hurricane' in the search box.  Then I narrowed the results to 'releases', and 'funk/soul'.  I looked for songs in the 80s and early 90s, and came across a guy named Dupont, and his single "Hurricane" from 1989/90.  I went to Youtube and typed his name and the song name in, pulled up the song, and took a listen. Jackpot!  Here is the song:

I'm still uncertain who the female voice belongs to.  There is no mention of another person on Discogs, or on Amazon.

The next song is definitely a male group from the 90s with a sound that reminds me of the R&B groups Shai and Silk. It is a heartfelt ballad with excellent vocals and harmonization.  I typed in 'This is From a Fool' because that's what the hook sounds like to me.  I got another suggestion of 'From the Fool', so I tried that one.  I came across the group IV Xample and its 1995 song "From the Fool" - exactly the song I was seeking:

It's satisfying to finally know the artists and names of these songs; I been looking for them since I was a teenager!  Ha - I was not to be denied, LOL.

Now, if only I could locate the name and artist to a song that has a hook that sounds like: 'Spoiled my chance - That's all I really need - I want to be with you - Your love so true'.  It's an early 90s song, and sounded like a teenage boy may have sung it.

What do you think of these two songs?  Do you have any songs you don't know the name of, or the artists, but you love the song?

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