Monday, January 20, 2014

My Message Regarding MLK Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (though his birthday is actually January 15th).  While today is a day of remembrance, celebration, contemplation, and service, remember that these things are not just for today, but for every day of the year.  Remember Dr. King, his family, his friends, his allies, and his teachings.  Celebrate how things are better than what they were in the past.  Contemplate how things can be better, and find a way to put your ideas into action (service).  Keep in mind that service doesn't have to be something big.  You can volunteer for a few hours, check in on a loved one, mentor, or donate money or items - many things.  The goal is to make this earth a better place for everyone on it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful MLK Jr. Day.

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