Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It SNOW!

There is a winter system moving across North Carolina promising to drop some snow, if not anything else.  No, not any blizzard conditions, but anywhere from a trace to 2 inches of snow.

I LOVE snow.  I like taking pictures of it, making snow cream, watching the dog run in it - if I had a sled or something to slide in the snow with, I'd probably do that.  That said, outside of possibly having a day off, I haven't come across too many adults wanting it to snow.  I understand.  Some have to drive in it, then there's the COLD,there's the inability to get out when you want to, the shoveling, and there's the potential for black ice, which is extremely dangerous.

That said, there's just something fun and nostalgic to me about snow.  I'd prefer more than 2 inches, but perhaps Mother Nature has another, more...intense winter system in store for North Carolina (the area of NC that I leave in).

For those who don't welcome the snow: the system will be out of here quickly.

Let it SNOW!

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