Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A-ha! The Short Story!

The process of attempting to write a novel is going slowly for me. One day I wrote, then the motivation went away someplace, and hasn't returned yet. That said, I read an article (now I can't find it), where the author stated to start off writing short stories first because novels are too long.  While trying to google the article in question, I came across John F. Dobbyn's "In Praise of Short Stories: Why Should a Prospective Novelist Start by Writing Short Stories?" Dobbyn's reason to start out writing short stories: honing your craft (technique, learning brevity, 'hearing' the characters' voices, etc).

Now I'm intrigued.  Maybe I've been going about writing a novel wrong (wrong for me anyway).  Starting with short stories seems more...achievable.  Not to mention, there is probably less pressure involved.

I'm considering going the route of short stories on the way to writing a novel. I've written short stories before, but that was years ago, and I had issues with them being too long. I also didn't consider them as a stepping stone, but more of another form of creative writing.

Now comes research, and maybe a class on short stories.  I am thankful that I came across the first article (that I can't find now), as well as Dobbyn's article.  Sometimes you don't realize there are other avenues to get to the place that you want. It may be that this go-around I like writing short stories, and decide to stick with them.

To my fellow writers, what to you think of going the short story route?  Did it work for you?

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