Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Way to Combat Low Self Confidence and Depression: Discover Your Best Qualities

Even if your self-confidence is normal or high, it can be a task to verbalize the qualities that make you great. Most people don’t brag or talk about the good things that make them unique or special. Some may participate in self-depreciating behavior, but mostly they know they have something to offer, and it ends there. 

However, when your self-confidence is low, or you are depressed, it can be especially difficult to see and put into words the good about yourself. All you see mistakes, mis-ques, bad decisions, and failures. The self-depreciating behavior isn’t humor or a tension release, but a vicious assault on an already fragile self.

A great exercise to discover your qualities, and be reminded of them everyday until you believe them for yourself, is to make a hard-copy list of your ten best qualities.

What is a quality that you like or love about yourself? Are you caring, funny, loving, or smart? Do you love that you are a history buff, a great cook, or talented in sports?

Ask your friends and family what qualities they like about you.

Narrow the list to ten qualities (or you can be ambitious and make a longer list). The list can be basic, or you can be creative and make a colorful poster out of it. Title it ‘My Ten Best Qualities”. Post it somewhere where you can see it everyday. Maybe when you first get up in the morning, the first place you look is your mirror. Post it on or near the mirror. If you have a corkboard that you use a lot, post it there. Anywhere where you can easily reference the list.

Over time the list will be ingrained in your mind, and you will BELIEVE those good things about yourself. Perhaps at some point you won’t need the list anymore.

So, what are your ten best qualities?

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