Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Natural Hair Must Have: The Q Puff Band

I have two Q Puff Bands, and I'm waiting on my third.  I LOVE them!

Me wearing my brown Q Puff Band.

What is a Q Puff Band?  A Q Puff Band is a headband especially made for women with thick hair, particularly thick, natural hair.  Forget those flimsy, thin headbands or those hard headbands that make your head hurt. A Q Puff Band is flexible, easy to clean, and COMFORTABLE.  The fabric is really soft, and there is enough fabric length and width wise for your hair. Q Puff Bands also won't pull your hair too tightly.  You get a gentle, firm hold.

I have a black extra length Q Puff Band (I paid extra for that - I wanted to make sure I had enough length the first go-around), and I have a brown regular length band.  I recently purchased one in Chili Pepper Red. The Q Puff Bands come in a variety of colors, and if there is a color you want that is not available, you can suggest that color. I'm thinking of suggesting fuchsia!

My black and brown Q Puff Bands.

I machine wash my Q Puff Bands, and I've had no problem with them losing their stretch or color.  If you want to be on the safe side, you can hand-wash.

Besides pushing my hair back, I use the extra long Q Puff Band for making a ponytail since the ponytail holders in the stores are too flimsy - they just snap or get too stretched out.

The price for a regular length Q Puff Band is $6.50 + shipping, but currently they are on sale for $5.00 + shipping. The longer length is $3.00 extra.

I want a whole collection of these, and I'm sure if you try one, you will too.  The creator of the Q Puff Band has a website:  Please go by and show her some love!  You can also catch her Youtube video.

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