Monday, August 20, 2012

Life in the Lifebushido Triangle

When a co-worker told me about her experiences in a Lifebushido Triangle, I instantly became interested in the endeavor she'd taken on. She was having fun learning more about herself through tasks and a creative project - in the effort to join a company with flexible, work at home positions that pay pretty well. That was more than enough for me to wonder over to Lifebushido's website to do some research.

A little background: Lifebushido is a company that recruits people from all over the world to work from home on a variety of ventures and projects. What is so special about the company is that it wants you to enjoy your work and use your unique skills and talents. I haven't heard of a company with this type of vision! A position in which I would use my talents and skills? I would enjoy the work?

The Lifebushido Triangle process is a recruitment program that applicants can participate in - a proactive approach to applying to work with the company. A Lifebushido Triangle is a group of people who, while working individually on New Hire tasks, work together on a creative project.

So, I inquired about jobs with Lifebushido first, then received an email about the job application process that stated that I would be receiving emails to introduce me to the company's services and projects. Some emails required me to really think about what I enjoy and what my passions and talents are. The last email lets you know that it is time to apply (or not is you decided not to). At first I didn't jump on it because I was extremely busy, but later, when Lifebushido and my co-worker sent emails about joining a Triangle, I decided to apply. I didn't want to wait any longer on a great opportunity.

I'm in a Lifebushido Triangle called Collective Apex with two very intelligent, driven young women. We hit it off right away. All of us are looking for more than just a job - we yearn to enjoy the work that we do, and we don't want to sacrifice family time while doing it.

We are doing our New Hire tasks now, and we have sent in our proposal for creative projects. We sent in three project ideas that I believe will be exciting to do, and that will help Lifebushido grow as a company. I can't wait to see which one gets approved.

I hope the Triangle process leads to bigger and better things for my Triangle sisters and me. Positive thinking is the name of the game!

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  1. Hey Dana! Just now checking out your blog post about Lifebushido. Its awesome! I'll also be following your blog, maybe we can link up!