Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing Whitney Houston

I still can't believe Whitney Houston is gone, and I know a lot of others still can't believe it either. It's hard to process because her death was sudden, and at such a young age. Houston steadily worked hard continuing to get her life in order - I don't understand why she had to leave while in the mist of making strides.

I made demo tapes of myself singing to Whitney Houston as a tween - at that time "The Bodyguard" showed in theaters. She made me aspire to be a singer, and I knew if I sang like her, I'd conquer music world like her! I practiced for hours until I grew tired, or my parents grew tired!

When I attended college, and the school held karaoke night - I sang Whitney Houston songs (I think I received a standing ovation once).

I love singing her songs - that is not going to change. Ms. Houston influenced me. She was THE BEST. Her voice was clear, powerful, strong, and angelic. It demanded that you listened to it!

While her songs play in heavy rotation now, and I sing to them, I can't bring myself to bring out her CDs and cassettes (yes, cassettes) to play.

I feel for Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina, because she terribly misses her mom, likely wondering why her mom had to leave her, and probably pondering the next steps in her young life. The poor young lady is devastated, her pain immeasurable.

Whitney Houston's family lost a mother, sister, and daughter. May her family tightly hold on to each other during this sad time, and remember the great memories she brought them. Remember her laugh, her smile, and the wisdom she shared.

As a fan, I'll miss Whitney Houston. Whitney, may you be at peace now. Your music brought me so much joy.

Whitney Houston fans, what are your favorite songs by her? Do you have any memories, like seeing her in concert?

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  1. First Michael,then Whitney.. what's going on???? We are losing our icons.