Friday, January 6, 2012

Keep Your 2012 Goals to a Minimum to Achieve Success

Happy 2012!

With a new year tends to come new goals for everyone, or a renewal of the last year's goals.  We aspire to return to school, lose weight, save money, or get a job.  One of my goals is to take some online classes.  I intend on maintaining a sharp mind!

With our goals hopefully comes a game plan - a daily, weekly, and/or monthly specific, written out game plan.  After all, to achieve anything, one needs a blueprint, and needs to be able to refer to it on a daily basis (yes, a daily basis to keep goals present in the mind).

Knowing that, I'm sure no one wants to formulate meticulous plans for ten, twelve, or (gasp) fourteen goals.  Will you remember them all, or want to be reminded of them ALL everyday?

If your 2012 goals tally to more than three, scaling back may be good idea.  Any more than three goals, and you won't bring serious action and focus to each one.  No goal is reached with half baked focus and action. You'll guarantee that you'll fail at achieving something. You do want the sense of accomplishment and happiness you'll feel when you achieve your goals, right?

Less actually is better when it comes to New Year's resolutions, or goals in general.  With three or less goals, one can easily map out how to go about succeeding.  What can be accomplished today? What can be accomplished this week? What can be accomplished this month? The idea is avoiding becoming overwhelmed. Keep it simple, and save the energy for all the legwork to be done.

What are your goals for 2012?  How are you going to achieve them, and how are you keeping your goals in the front of your mind?

I hope everyone achieves their goals this year.  Good luck, and let me know when you reach success!

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