Friday, December 23, 2011

You CAN celebrate your birthday SOLO!!!

In honor of my birthday, I am giving some sisterly advice that comes from experience:  Celebrate your birthday even if no one else does!  It's YOUR birthday!

I say this because many of us like to be surrounded by people on our special day, and when that doesn't happen, we get upset and have a pity party.  We think nobody cares about us, or likes us, which is far from the truth.

You have to keep in mind that the world does not stop for your birthday (Trust me, it really doesn't).  Your friends may have to work, or live far away. Your family members may be busy.  Co-workers may have other plans. All have lives outside of yours.

With that said, you CAN celebrate your birthday SOLO!

First, get out of that bed, do your hair, and put on some nice clothes (take a shower too if you didn't the night before)!  You don't have to be decked out, but something other than a too big raggedy t-shirt and funny smelling sweatpants.  Get the positive aura going.  Put on your favorite jewelry, perfume or cologne.

Now that you are up, plan what you want to do (if you didn't plan the day before).  You don't have to fill up the entire day with events or things to do, but do something other than the old routine.  Is there a movie at the theater that looks interesting? What about getting a laugh in the a comedy club?  How about listening to some live music at a club? Sporting events? You may end up being around some people after all!

Next, food.  I don't care what you say, you need delicious, mouth watering food on your birthday!  If you like cake, be creative and make one yourself, or buy one from the bakery. Put the candles on top! Not into cake?  Purchase your favorite ice cream, or whatever goody (or goodies) you love to indulge in.

A good birthday breakfast, lunch, or dinner is priceless.  You can cook it up yourself, go out to dinner, or order and take out.  It doesn't have to be over the top or very expensive.  Eat whatever you want to eat!

In the middle of all of that stuff, you can rock your music way too loud and dance, even if you don't know how.  Sing, even if you can't.  Light some candles or incense around your place. It doesn't matter because...that's right -  it's YOUR birthday!

Please do not sit at home crying and whining because there isn't no one there to celebrate your birthday with you.  Get out and treasure that solo time by doing what you choose.  Who's better to celebrate your special day than you?  Enjoy yourself!

I will be celebrating my birthday - with or without someone else. What do you plan to do on your birthday?  How will you celebrate if you have to celebrate solo?

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