Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Raining on a Work From Home Company's Parade? Nah - Just Noticing the Red Flags...

I telecommute, or work from home, and I LOVE it.  I prefer to work from home because it is less stressful for me, and I have flexibility.  I believe more people should consider working from home, but I also know that not everyone is cut out to work from home.

Now, in my short time working from home, I managed to fall for a few scams. Every work from home newbie has (some oldies do too, because the scammers get smarter).  You have to chalk it up as a learning experience, so that when you see something that smells like rotten fish at a later time, you take your pole and run!

Today I was on a work from home forum, and an OP (original poster) posted that they needed posters to post on Craigslist, Ebay, etc.  I read the rest of her post, and red flags went up.  First, the OP didn't have a company website yet.  Next, she admitted that some of her posters' ads were being ghosted and/or flagged on Craigslist, and soon she will be implementing Phone Verified Accounts (PVAs) and a way to change your IP address.  Last, she didn't have a company email address.

I posted my two cents.  I told the OP about scammers posting on the forum looking for ad posters in the effort to get free publicity for their websites.  The ads these "companies" had the posters post would be spam, resulting in the ads getting flagged or ghosted on the posting site, and the posters would either not get paid for all of their work and time, if they got paid at all.  I also wrote that I was asking for fellow WAH workers to beware.

I was accused by the OP and one other person of raining on people's parades, and of bashing just because I had a bad experience.

Yes, I did have a bad experience with an ad posting "company".  I posted a lot of ads on Craigslist for this "company", and almost all of those posts were flagged and/or ghosted.  I did over $100 worth of postings, and was only paid about $20.  The manager didn't alert me to my ads being ghosted or flagged, among other need-to-know stuff she neglected to tell me.  When asked why wasn't I alerted about my posts or anything else, she got nasty with me.  She didn't care whether I stayed or left. I shared my experience with others more knowledgeable than I, and they agreed that I was scammed.  They also explained how the Craigslist ad poster scams work.

So, when I saw meat that stunk just like the company I dealt with, I wanted to warn others out of concern.  Nobody deserves to feel humiliated, angry, embarrassed, and whatever else, like I felt.

This company may indeed be legit, but the red flags are blazing.

Did he/she give the name of the company in the post? No.

Did the OP give me a list of companies he/she worked for? No.

Could I go and look up his/her company on the BBB? No.

Where could I find any info on the OP's company outside of he/she posting that their business is a legitimate business, and they don't scam and spam?

This is not to scare anyone out of working from home, because there are scams in every aspect of life, and there are plenty of legitimate work from home positions available.  What I wanted to do is get you thinking.  Just because someone tells you that they are on the up and up, doesn't mean they are.  You have to ask questions, and if you don't get the right answers, say,  "Adios".  Better to err on the side of caution.

In the meantime, I'm going to list two great websites to go to if your are interested in working from home.  These sites provide legit work from home companies, as well as resources, advice, and freebies:

Work At Home Mafia
Rat Race Rebellion

Here are some links to info on work from home scams:

5 Tell-Tale Signs a Work-at-Home Job is a Scam
How to Avoid Work at Home Scams: 5 Questions to Ask
Five Ways to Avoid Work at Home Scams

There are also work from home forums, where you can find jobs and "meet" with others who work from home.  Keep in mind you will have to research any job posted on a forum.  Here are a few forums:

Work Place Like Home
Why Do Work
Work From Home Board

Comments are welcome.  Do you work from home, or want to work from home?  Do you have an experience to share?

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