Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It is Your Duty to Help Others

Giving back in some form or fashion in important to me; I've had people in my life who had given me advice, provided financial support, been my shoulder to cry, or had told me the truth when I didn't want to hear it.

Where would I be without them?

I believe I have a duty to give back or help, be it with a donation, some advice, my life experience, or my time.  While it is holiday season, the holidays should not be the only time you help another person.  People need help everyday.  As long as we have poor families, hungry children, homeless people, people with mental illnesses - the list goes on and on - we need to be helping out.

Do you volunteer your time at a hospital, shelter, or for some organization?  Do you donate money or goods?  Do you give advice to someone needing it, or are you a listening ear for someone who needs to talk?

You don't need a lot of money, a lot of free time, or a truck full of knowledge to help someone.  Start out small - a $5 dollar donation for a charity or an hour of volunteering is a great start. Start today, and start with a smile! Somebody needs you.

I'm going to provide a short list of organizations that one can donate to or volunteer for.  A few of these are organizations and/or agencies in North Carolina, which is where I live. Check your local newspaper, telephone book, or Google for organizations and agencies that need donations or your time.  Here is the list:

Volunteering In America - information on volunteering and civic engagement
Volunteer Match - provides volunteer information and listings in your local community
Harbor, INC - Johnston County, NC's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency
Interact - Wake County, NC's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency
NAMI NC - provides support, advocacy, and education for families and friends of individuals who have mental illnesses
The Salvation Army - provides services to the community such as food, shelter, clothing, and more
Coats and Toys for Children (NC) - campaign that provides coats and toys for children (a program of The Salvation Army and WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC)
Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC - provides food to those who need it
Red Cross - donate blood, or volunteer
NC Guardian ad Litem Program - be an advocate to an abused or neglected child
Toys for Tots - Donate, and provide toys for children in need

Is there an agency or organization you want to mention?  What are your views on giving back or helping others?   How do you give back?

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  1. For example, If some little lady the grocery line doesn't have enough money for her groceries and I see were I can spare .. I do.

    I don’t believe in joining an organization just to say I am a member. Which I have found alto of people do it for the recommendation the group will give them. I do is what right regardless.

  2. Sorry for the incoherent talk I was so tired.

  3. I don't believe in joining an organization just for recognition either. I would have to be genuinely interested in the organization to consider joining. Giving and helping has to be in your heart.

  4. LadyOrchid, you came across perfectly fine. :-) Thank you for stopping by and giving your thoughts.