Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tsu is Awesome!

Yesterday a friend of mine from a writing group gave members her link to Tsu, a social media flatform for connecting, sharing, and earning.  With Tsu (pronounced 'sue'), members earn up to 90% of the revenues the platform makes.  Members earn by sharing original content (blog posts, pictures, statuses, videos, and music) and by expanding their 'family tree' (making connections with other members).

Tsu is a lot like Facebook as far as the layout and how you interact.  Members post content the same way, (sans emoticons).  There is the feed to see what your friends are posting, and there are options to comment and like.  Since I'm on Facebook a lot, I knew I'd like it there.  There is a more mature feel to Tsu, which I credit to members wanting quality content for earning purposes.

So far I've made a few status updates and shared blog posts.  Other members do the same, as well as memes, and a lot of pictures/art.

If you are into making friends and earning in the process, check out Tsu.  Bring your friends over from Facebook!  It's fun!